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General Information

The Erindale SS Mathematics tournament, or ESSMT, is an on-site math competition open to all Peel high school students on February 19th, 2020, at Erindale Secondary School. The goal of ESSMT is to promote mathematical problem solving within the school board. During the competition, participants have 2 hours to solve problems of various difficulties (curriculum level to entry olympiad level). During the competition, merchandise from the event sponsors will be distributed. The ESSMT organizing team sincerely thanks the event sponsors for their generous contributions.


URGENT: Due to the OSSTF strike, teacher on-calls will not be possible until they and the Ford government strike a deal. Therefore, it is impossible to accommodate non-Erindale students at ESSMT as of now (updates will be posted on our Discord server). Furthermore, the competition must be scaled from 2 hours to 1 hour--it cannot go into class time because teachers cannot be on-call. It is also possible that if OSSTF strikes, the competition will be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

Other Information

The ESSMT is an event organized by the EEE Club at Erindale Secondary School. The club is dedicated towards its mission of promoting engagement and equality in education. If you are an Erindale Student and would like to support our cause, please support us at our February doughnut sale, where all proceeds will go to Peel Learning Foundation.

Design Philosophy

Unlike traditional math exams, participants are not encouraged to solve the problems in a linear order, but are rather encouraged to skip around, solving the problems he or she is most interested in. Our problem setting team has ensured that there are more problems than one can solve within a 2 (now 1 hour... see Eligibility card) hour window. This is to guarantee that there are enough problems to entertain participants at any stage in their mathematical journey. Each problem has a point value attached to it. The hardest problems have the greatest point value. The most serious competitors are should skip the easy problems for more points, consequently giving them higher chances of winning. Participants who are new to math competitions are encouraged to attempt problems they find interesting, for there not only prizes for most points scored but also prizes for the most creative solution to a problem.

Grading and Prizes

The contest papers will be graded within a month, with results being available in mid March on our website. To ensure fair grading, participants may request to see their marked papers and may contest any point deductions within the first week of the release. Afterwards, prizes will be provided for top scorers of each grade level. Information about the prize categories may be found in the information package.


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The ESSMT Team

Freeman Cheng @une_boisson
I'm the problem setter, sponsorship hunter, and website manager. In my spare time, I watch anime, read wuxia novels (more like browse NovelUpdates), code, do math, and play Clash Royale.

Elvis Cheung @elvis.c_
I am the main logistics manager. In my spare time, I watch anime, browse novels on NovelUpdates, code, and play Clash Royale. I am also leading the Peel Learning Foundation charity drive.

Idris Tarwala @idris_1406
I am helping out with the logistics. Consider also coming to EEE Club's charity drive which I am leading: proceeds go toward Peel Learning Foundation. In my spare time, I play Clash Royale.

Donny Li @dontheman5
I am advertising this event to fellow students.

Roy Li @ryuu.li
I designed the logo and the banner at the very bottom of this website.

You? @YourInstagram
You could be here! If you are interested in helping out with this event and have something that we need, feel free to DM one of us on Instagram.

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